‘Black Mirror’ already knew what was happening with Britney Spears

Fans came across a voicemail message from one of Britney Spears’ attorneys two years ago. Jamie Spears, the pop singer’s father, reportedly canceled her Las Vegas performance because she refused to take her medication, after which Jamie took away his daughter’s driver’s license and locked up thirty-nine-year-old Spears. in a clinic against his will.

The exact way the voicemail was obtained was irrelevant. The rumor spread on the Internet and within hours a crowd of protesters was planted in front of the West Hollywood city hall. Their banners carried the well-known battle cry: #FreeBritney. When Spears left the clinic two months later, she proclaimed that she was fine.

Most of the fas were satisfied and went home. One of the viewers still not convinced of Spears’ safety was Charlie Brooker, a British screenwriter and creator of the science fiction series. Black Mirror, sometimes terrifyingly realistic. Inspired by Spears’ relationship with her manipulative father, he wrote the episode

Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too for the fifth season of the hit series.

Person or product

Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too It’s not about Spears but about Miley Cyrus. Cyrus, another pop singer who has been performing since childhood, plays a fictional pop star named Ashley O, whose career and personal life are carefully planned by her aunt. That aunt, who is also Ashley’s manager, composes her music and organizes her performances.

But that is not all. For Aunt Ashley O is not a person but a product. She determines the clothes Ashley O wears, the food she eats, and the people she hangs out with. On stage, Ashley O sings about themes like freedom and being yourself, but behind the scenes she is held hostage by an invisible network of investors.

Miley Cyrus plays Ashley O: a voiceless pop star.


When Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too hit Netflix in June 2019, the link between Ashley O and Spears had not yet been established. It seemed more logical for Ashley O to represent a fictional version of Cyrus herself. At the end of his contract with Disney, Cyrus threw his Hannah Montana character in the trash and began a true journey of self-discovery.

Father in court

Black Mirror he has often predicted the future. Brooker saw the influence of social media and the dangers of dating apps coming years ago. Also in the case of Spears, the screenwriter was right from the beginning. As viewers forgot the story of Ashley O, Spears dragged her father to court, hoping that justice would deprive her of the right to exist.

On June 23, 2021, she made the following statement: “Last year I said that I was doing well and that I was happy. That was a lie. I am shaking. I am traumatized. I am furious. I am afraid of people. I can no longer trust in them. You can’t force someone to do things they don’t want to do. My father’s control is detrimental. This is no way to live. “

For the first time in her life, Spears spoke of the power her father wielded over her. For years he forced Spears, who wanted to have children, to take birth control pills. The reason: pregnancy would only get in the way of her career. Relationships and friendships had to be approved by her father, and no psychiatrist could treat Spears without her consent.

rome, italy   june 26 people with a sign saying free britney, referring to britney spears take part in rome pride, the lgbtqia parade, on june 26, 2021 in rome, italy the italian prime minister defended parliament after the vatican requested a revision on an anti discrimination draft bill that provides protection for lgbtq persons, saying the new law could interfere with religious freedoms photo by simona granati   corbiscorbis via getty images

The protesters demand the freedom of their idol.

Simona Granati – CorbisGetty Images

Spears’s situation is a reflection of what happened in Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too. When Ashley O tries to resist her aunt, she is prescribed anesthesia. Without resistance, her aunt can manipulate Ashley O more easily.

Spears caught

Black Mirror it is a drama series and therefore a bit of hype is to be expected. However, Spears is experiencing exactly the same thing as Ashley O. Both singers have no control over their music, much less over their private lives. Its existence is owned by its managers, relatives who care more about money than happiness.

For the first time in this depressing series, Ashley O has a happy ending. The singer manages to expose her aunt’s actions and gains the freedom to make her own music. Unfortunately, the real world is not a fairy tale. Even after the judge heard what was done to Spears, her father was not punished.

The court found that Spears – a former alcoholic who, according to her father, suffers from multiple mental illnesses – is unable to take care of herself. Therefore, for the moment his career is in the hands of his father. Hopefully, with the support of her fans, Spears can reclaim her future like Ashley O.

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