And if instead of household appliances or the latest game console, you took the SNCF Advantages card. On the occasion of Black Friday – this scheduled Internet promotional operation – the railway company is offering a big reduction on its unique reduction card called Avantage. Sesame drops from 49 to 25 euros for any purchase until November 29.

Launched on June 1 to replace all other discount offers and put an end to the price jungle that had prevailed until then, the card is valid for one year. It is aimed at three types of audience: young people (12/27 years old), adults (27/59 years old) and senior (over 60 years old). It gives the right to capped prices for last-minute tickets as long as seats remain available. These ceilings are determined according to the duration of the journey. For a trip of less than 1h30, the price will not exceed 39 euros (59 € for less than 3 hours and 79 € for more than 3 hours).

30% discounts on TGV Inoui and Intercités

Discounts of 30% on TGV Inoui and Intercités direct are also possible. Finally, it presents a gain for the children accompanying the card holder, namely a reduction of 60% of the ticket price. Lastly, you can exchange your tickets or request a free refund up to three days before departure.

Little icing on the cake with this Black Friday operation: if you don’t need your card when you buy it, you can buy it during the Black Friday promotion period and only activate it five months later (at maximum).

Asked about France Info, the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, Christophe Fanichet, called the Avantage card “a huge success”. “We sell 8000 a day, twice as much as last year at the same time. There are already three million French people today who have it in their pocket, ”he said. This undeniable success should not obscure the fact that prices have not always gained in clarity, as our recent survey of dissatisfied users showed.

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