Black Friday has started again this year. Many webshops have saved their best deals for this moment. The question is no longer whether you will find deals, but which ones. We have listed everything, so now score all your favorite products at an extra affordable price!

What is Black Friday and when do all the promotions run?

Originally, this is a phenomenon that has blown over to our country from the United States. Black Friday falls every year in November and is the day that consumers and webshops look forward to. There are many theories and speculations about the origin of the designation, but what we do know for sure is that many people have circled this day in their calendars.

Today it is known for the period when one can score the most deals on a large number of products. It is the day – and now a long period for many shops – when many products go out for a low(er) price.

The promotions for Black Friday differ per webshop, but in general the last Friday of November is central. This year is Black Friday on November 26, 2021. Deals often start earlier in the run-up to this day and often continue for a while afterwards. Then there is also Cyber ​​Monday, where you can find great bargains. Cyber ​​Monday 2021 will take place on November 29, 2021.

Where can I find the first offers?

We have listed the best deals for you. From smartphones and tablets to very affordable mobile subscriptions and bundles. Some stores don’t really start promoting their range until Black Friday itself, others started a week earlier or have deals for the entire month of November. In the overview below you will find everything neatly arranged per (web) store. Pay attention, because Gone = Gone!

6 most important shops for Black Friday

For this year we have already highlighted the six most important shops for you to get the perfect deal: Mediamarkt, Belsimpel, Samsung, de Bijenkorf, Coolblue and No coincidence, because these stores always go big during this period. Grab your wish list and take a look at these stores:

Mediamarkt is now online and in terms of physical content, all kinds of product categories. Great deals can be found again this year in the range of smartphones, wearables, tablets, subscriptions and sound equipment. MediaMarkt works with three phases for the deals and starts with Pre-Black Friday on November 18 at 19:00. Then comes the normal Black Friday period, followed by Cyber ​​Monday. As a result, you can score advantageous deals until 29 November.

  • Samsung Galaxy A52s: from €398,00 for €344.00
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB: from €159 for €144.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: from €589 for €488.00
  • Huawei Freebuds 4: from €127,00 for €99.00
  • Huawei Freebuds 4I: from €68,95 for €53.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2: from €119,95 for €104.00
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 44mm: from €255,00 for €229.00
  • Acer Chromebook Spin (513 CP513-1H-S511): from €449,00 for €299.00

Belsimpel Black Friday 2021

Belsimpel also has all kinds of great offers ready for you. It concerns all kinds of great offers for devices, subscriptions, SIM-only deals or accessories. If you can renew again, are ready for a new device or just want to change the look of your smartphone with a trendy accessory, then you should opt for Belsimpel.

Samsung Black Friday 2021

You have also come to the right place at Samsung during Black Friday. Are you looking for an upgrade for your equipment? Then you can cash in on the deals on Galaxy smartphones, tablets, earbuds and wearables. However, the manufacturer is also a superpower in all kinds of other areas. You can also go there for the best deals on household appliances, TVs, monitors and soundbars.

de Bijenkorf Black Friday 2021

De Bijenkorf is a name to keep an eye on this year. You will find all kinds of offers, especially in the field of smartwatches, headphones, speakers, earplugs, gadgets and telephone accessories. Are you also working on ‘smartening’ your home in the meantime? Check out the different deals in the field of smart home and smart lighting.

Coolblue Black Friday 2021

Coolblue is also a grand master during this packed Black Friday period. You can find all kinds of good deals for smartphones, tablets and handy accessories. Still looking for something different? Even then, you’ll still have a lot of fun choosing from Coolblue, thanks to the large range. This way you can take advantage of deals on new smartwatches and audio products. For example, replace your headphones or purchase a new set of earplugs to listen to your favorite music and podcasts.

The store for all of us. Given the size of the range, there is always a deal that will appeal to you. The offers start already on November 19. That means you no longer have to wait. This year you can go to for deals on smartphones, tablets and associated accessories. Of course you will find many more products there in a dizzying amount of categories, so something for everyone.

Which shops participate more?

Finally, we have made an overview of (web) shops that have interesting offers during Black Friday 2021. Check below which shops they are and click directly to take a look.

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