Bizarre Dardai video shortly before the Hertha meeting

By Roberto Lamprecht, Carsten Priefer and Marcel Graus

This video will surprise you!

Shortly before the extraordinary general meeting of Hertha BSC on June 26, at which a new president is to be elected after the resignation of boss Werner Gegenbauer (72), a bizarre Twitter video by ex-Hertha trainer Pal Dardai (46) appeared !

Five candidates are running for the most important position: Frank Steffel (56), Ingmar Pering (56), Kay Bernstein (41), Michael Baumgärtner and Marvin Brumme.

And Dardai already has a clear favourite: Fox boss Steffel!

In the video, which was published on Big City Club’s website, Dardai can be seen in a Hertha shirt sitting on a terrace. In the background: a pool.

Darday: “Hello dear Hertha fans. I think it’s a difficult time as a Hertha player and it’s time for a real fresh start. From my point of view, Frank Steffel is a very interesting and honest candidate.”

Frank Steffel at a Bundestag session Foto: picture alliance/dpa

Continue: “He formed a top club from the foxes in handball. I wish he would do something similar at Hertha BSC. It’s not easy at Hertha either, there are many types, many personalities. If someone has achieved something like that in handball, then I trust him that he can prepare a successful future in football. I wish and believe that he can do something like that at Hertha BSC.”

Steffel himself shared the video on his Twitter page on Thursday evening and wrote: “I was totally surprised and happy! Thank you Pal Dardai!”

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It is not clear why Dardai is so committed to Steffel, whose presidency at the Füchsen Berlin runs until the summer of 2023.

The Hungarian has not been heard from since his leave of absence as coach in November last year (his contract as a professional coach ends on June 30). And Dardai has never commented in public on political issues in the club.

Because of the unlimited contract for the youth area, which Dardai still has, both sides are currently negotiating a termination agreement.

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Many Hertha fans, on the other hand, are critical of Steffel’s candidacy. As soon as his candidacy became known, the criticism of his speech from the Bundestag in 2017, when he criticized ultras in general, was loud. They tend to favor amber.

On June 26th it will become clear which candidate will prevail…

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