Bitstarz Bitcoin Casino Offers New “Break The Piggy Bank” Promotion

Bitstarz Bitcoin Casino Offers New “Break The Piggy Bank” Promotion

Key facts:
  • The piggy bank is renewed every thirty days, whether or not the funds have been claimed.

  • Consequently, this promotion is likely to be a lasting addition to Bitstarz.

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On April 14 last month, Bitstarz, the online bitcoin casino, launched a new ‘piggy bank’ promotion. This new mechanic could become a lifetime feature of Bitstarz and its casino games.

As expressed by promotional release of the bitcoin casino, to the extent that you are betting and playing on the platform, said purse or piggy bank accumulates money. These funds can be claimed using hammers randomly given to the user, also while playing the game.

According to Bitstarz, the higher the real money bet, the more money goes into the piggy bank. But it is not a matter of breaking it at will, whenever you want, and that’s it: a mechanic makes the ritual of breaking it more complex, because, since a key is not suitable for all doors, a hammer may not break your piggy bank at once ( although this possibility exists).

promocion piggy bamk bitstarz
Introduction to the promotion of the piggy bank. Source: Bitstarz

Each hammer will then have a specific effect on your piggy bank. According to another example in the release, another hammer may only cause small breaks in the pig, and so on.

Bitstarz bitcoin casino piggy bank has no recent expiration date

Bistarz imposes, however, an additional clause to enjoy the gold contained within the piggy: once obtained, you must bet it at least once.

On a side note, don’t feel animal compassion after ripping open the pig’s guts. Bitstarz will leave it as new after the act of claiming the money. That is, each little pig is valid for 30 days; once the day counter has been opened or exceeded, you will have a new piggy bank to accumulate money, again.

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Consider the piglet as a pet that eats money, but does not digest or dissolve it until after 30 days. The same with the hammers: after 30 days, they will be reset to zero, and the count starts again. It is therefore recommended keep an eye on the progress of your assets in Bitstarz.

Where did the idea of ​​piggy banks come from?

There are at least some three theories that tell the origin of this curious pottery design.

According to one of them, it was customary in Eastern Europe, during the Middle Ages, to make a container to store money with orange clay. Due to its color and oval shape, this container was baptized in English as “cool jarr”. Only enough for English speakers confuse the ‘thing’ with the ‘name’ to start mass-producing these savings piggies.

According to another theory, stuffing the pig with money would represent a custom and symbolic miniaturization related to the even more ancient act of fattening the pig in summer to eat it in winter. Both acts, saving or ‘saving food’ in the pig, would have an underlying motivation in common: sacrifice today to have tomorrow.

According to a third theory, these piggy banks originate in Indonesia or China, during the Qing dynasty, sometime between the 17th and 20th centuries. According to her, pigs are considered sacred animals associated with abundance, luxury and wealth. For such a reason, people would use them as piggy banks. This is one of the weakest theories of those exposed, since it proceeds by simple association of qualities, and it does not explain how the pig acquired those attributes that are given to it.

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