Bitcoin reaches areas of El Salvador that were controlled by gangs

Bitcoin reaches areas of El Salvador that were controlled by gangs

Key facts:
  • Mi Primer Bitcoin has taught classes on cryptocurrency in 50 municipalities in El Salvador.

  • The NGO has served 1,000 people between young people and adults so far this year.

The security measures implemented by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, seem to have given a boost to his bitcoiner policy in the territory. This, taking into account that people now have access to territories that were previously controlled by criminal gangs.

The higher level of security in the country has stimulated educational groups, such as the NGO Mi Primer Bitcoin, a foundation dedicated to education about the first cryptocurrency in El Salvador. The initiative has been able to enter localities previously dominated by gangspopularly called maras.

Napoleón Osorio, a member of the NGO, declared to CriptoNoticias on this issue. He gave as an example the fact that they have been able to enter to offer classes on bitcoin in municipalities such as Ilopango, where before Bukele’s security measures it would have been impossible to enter.

“Before entering there [Ilopango] You were immediately observed by gang members who were looking for a way to intimidate and steal. Now that has changed, a different atmosphere can be perceived”, commented Osorio.

Just last week, My First Bitcoin arrived in that municipality where They will teach, throughout the year, introductory classes about cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin Diploma, as reported by this medium.

“So far we have entered more than 50 municipalities that include the central eastern and western part of the country,” said the NGO spokesperson.

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The need to teach about bitcoin in a country where the cryptocurrency is recognized as legal tender took the educational project to 10,450 people in 2022and so far this year they have attended 1,000 people between young people and adults, explained Osorio

Osorio adds that the expansion is due, in large part, to the security measures implemented by Bukele. El Salvador went from being one of the countries with the highest homicide rates to have 0 homicides nationwideaccording to informed by the agent

“We have transformed the most insecure country in the world into the safest in Latin America,” Bukele said. The change has also been evident in local commerce in areas previously controlled by the gangs, due to the fact that the gang members charged for vaccinations. Today people can work and trade more freelyaccording to Osorio account.

All this has happened, in the midst of the controversy that has been generated by the inauguration of the Terrorism Confinement Center, a prison that Bukele has called “the largest prison in all of America”, and which has become a ” key piece to win the war against the gangs”, in words the president himself.



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