Bitcoin: lost password for 200 million euros – digital

The Bitcoin course breaks records, but the programmer Stefan Thomas just can’t find the crucial code anymore. If he enters it incorrectly two more times, all is lost.


Jannis Brühl

Stefan Thomas calmly calculates how big the mountain of money is that he is pretty sure he has missed. “I can say that exactly.” He’s typing numbers on his keyboard, squinting, staring into his screen. “The current Bitcoin price is $ 34,000 … times 7002 Bitcoin is … $ 238 million!” His grin says: You can’t do anything. He will probably never be able to spend the equivalent of almost 200 million euros. Because he has lost the password that separates him from his virtual wallet, in which the sum is stored as digital currency. “I wrote it down somewhere, but I have no idea where.”


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