Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices today June 19, 2022

On the morning of this Sunday, June 19, 2022 Bitcointhe main of the cryptocurrencies recovered some of the ground lost in the previous session to settle back around the level of 19 thousand dollars per unit, being below the threshold of 20 thousand USD.

It was in the session of the previous day that the most popular cryptocurrency experienced a series of setbacks that made it touch the level of 17 thousand dollars, from where it recovered slightly, resuming a position near its previous level.

Bitcoin price this June 19, 2022:

  • Bitcoin in US Dollars: 19 thousand 500.00
  • Bitcoin in Mexican pesos: 396 thousand 609.52
  • Bitcoin in Colombian pesos: 75 million 929 thousand 446.47
  • Bitcoin in Argentine pesos: 2 million 394 thousand 278.99
  • Bitcoin in Chilean pesos: 17 million 044 thousand 728.96
  • Bitcoin in euros: 18 thousand 522.15

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Ethereum price this June 19 from 2022:

  • Ethereum in US Dollars: 1 thousand 037.60
  • Ethereum in Mexican pesos: 21 thousand 103.69
  • Ethereum in Colombian pesos: 4 million 052 thousand 757.69
  • Ethereum en euros: 988.63

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Dogecoin price this June 19, 2022:

  • Dogecoin in US Dollars: 0.057
  • Dogecoin in Mexican pesos: 1.16
  • Dogecoin in Colombian pesos: 223.23
  • Dogecoin in euros: 0.054

If you are thinking of taking advantage of these fluctuations to make profits in the cryptoactive markets, it is best that you stay well informed in real time about their evolution so that you take care of your investment.

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