Birritala, at the Itala di Osio wood Under the beer festival

“We decided to rethink the classic beer festival with music and food truck that took place in the past in Osio to transform it into something more ” – Marta continues – “We wanted to combine fun with reflection, relaxation with respect for the environment, starting with the ecosystem and fauna of the Itala forest that hosts us”. So the party will be completely plastic-free
, with biodegradable and recyclable crockery and gadgets, will host a talk presenting the experiences every evening green present in the area (on Friday also a meeting of TedX Bergamo), finally it will favor local realities, from beers for sale (exclusively from Bergamo breweries) up to moments of entertainment (groups or local entertainment formats).

Not only. Since it wants to be a participatory festival,
you can also book to help, on Sunday 18 July, to clean the forest
and prepare the event website in collaboration with the Plastic Free Odv Onlus association.

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