Biontech: Study on protection against Mu variant alarmed

Novavax – what makes the new vaccine so special

Novavax – what makes the new vaccine so special

At the beginning of August, the European Commission signed a contract: the member states can buy up 100 million doses of the Novavax vaccine. You can find out what is so special about this vaccine in this video.

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The Mu variant of the corona virus has been rampant in Colombia for a long time. Researchers from Japan are now coming to worrying results.


  • How well does Biontech protect against the Mu variant?
  • A new study alarms researchers: According to this, the corona variant is more resistant to vaccination antibodies
  • The mu variant has already been detected in numerous countries

Troubling findings about the Mu-Variant of the coronavirus: The mutant apparently has the ability to with vaccinated Biontech as well as those who have recovered Vaccination protection to infiltrate. This is what Japanese researchers report in a new study that has not yet been verified by other scientists.

The Mu variant (B.1.621) is more resistant to antibodies from Covid-19 convalescents and Biontech vaccinees than any other variant observed by the World Health Organization (WHO), including the beta variant (B.1.351).

This mutant, first discovered in South Africa, is known to undermine Astrazeneca’s vaccination protection. The spike protein of the Mu variant shows several mutations that other dangerous variants have already developed.

Mu variant now in 39 countries

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach expressed concern about the study from Japan: “If a variant like Mu mutates into a high level of infection, that would be extremely dangerous.” With billions of people who have not been vaccinated, this is possible at any time. Interesting too: “Unconventional thinker” falls ill with Covid-19 – and remains unteachable

The Mu variant was first introduced in January in Colombia and has now been found in 39 countries – including Germany. In Colombia, Mu is now the predominant virus strain and is responsible for the majority of Covid-19 deaths, said Marcela Mercado from the state health authority to a radio station. The WHO declared Mu a “variant of interest” at the end of August. (küp / AFP)


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