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What determines healthy aging?

When it comes to the Life expectancy of people walks, plays the so-called epigenetic age a crucial role. If the biological age exceeds the chronological age, this is also disadvantageous for mobility and mental fitness in old age.

In a new cohort study involving experts from University of California San Diego examined how epigenetic aging, or biological age, is associated with healthy longevity in older women. The results can be read in the English-language journal “JAMA Network Open”.

Accelerated biological aging investigated

In their secondary analysis, the researchers dealt with three side studies of the Women’s Health Initiative with 1,813 women and focused on the biological aging of the body, in particular the so-called epigenetic acceleration of aging.

A total of 464 women survived up to the age of 90 intact mobility and good cognitive functions. 420 of the participants also lived to the age of 90, but with limitations in mobility and cognitive functions. 929 women died before reaching the age of 90.

What is Epigenetic Acceleration of Age?

Chronological age is based on a person’s date of birth. On the other hand, this refers epigenetic age on the biological age of cells, tissues and organ systems, according to the team. If the epigenetic age is higher than the chronological age, this is referred to as epigenetic age acceleration.

According to the team, an existing epigenetic age acceleration is associated with a higher risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and other diseases.

Shorter life due to accelerated biological aging

The experts found that the accelerated biological aging of the body is associated with a lower probability of a to reach the age of 90to be physically mobile and to have intact mental functions.

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An epigenetic age acceleration of five to eight years is with one 20 to 32 percent The researchers explain that there is a lower probability of reaching the age of 90 with intact mobility and good cognitive functions.

Previous studies have shown that epigenetic age acceleration is associated with an increased risk of death, and a few studies have observed that age acceleration is slower in individuals with long life expectancies‘ explains the author of the study Purva Jain.

However, the current study is the first study that has prospectively examined the connection between epigenetic age and reaching the age of 90 years with preserved mobility and memory, adds the expert.

Predict healthy aging

Furthermore, our study suggests that we can use epigenetic acceleration of aging to estimate the risk of an individual not achieving healthy longevity“, so Jain.

According to the study author, this finding could be used to establish public health interventions that counteract poor health outcomes in older populations. (as)

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