Bing Chat (AI) introduces several very interesting improvements

Bing Chat (AI) introduces several very interesting improvements

April 1, 2023 Hector Russo

The introduction of AI in Bing through Bing Chat has given the Microsoft search engine a huge boost. This is how the new chat has positioned itself as a reference platform for information search through interactive conversations.

After the update of the March 24thBing Chat has introduced a number of new features and improvements, addressing user feedback and improving the overall experience.

Bing Chat is rapidly becoming smarter and smarter, attracting thousands of users. Here are the latest news:

  1. Extension of chat turns

To facilitate deeper conversations, Bing Chat has increased the maximum number of turns in a single conversation from 15 to 20. This allows users to explore topics more fully. Additionally, the total number of shifts per day has increased from 150 to 200, providing additional opportunities for daily interactions.

  1. Image and video search integration

Bing Chat now has built-in image and video search capabilities, giving users a more immersive experience. These visual results are displayed as response cards below the chat responses.

Bing Chat - Búsquedas de Imágenes y Vídeos
bing animation

Users can click “See More” to go deeper into Bing Image Search or use the Image Builder to craft custom visuals.

  1. Improved local search

Following user feedback, Bing Chat has implemented improvements for location-related queries. With these enhancements, users can now receive more accurate answers when searching for parks, stores or doctor’s offices in their area. As Bing Chat continues to evolve, users can expect more improvements to local search based on their feedback.

  1. Edge Sidebar Updates

Several improvements have been made to the Bing Chat integration with the Edge Sidebar to address known issues and some feature bugs. These updates include:

  • Context improvements announced on March 17 have been added to the Edge sidebar, allowing users to summarize larger pages and documents more effectively.
  • Bing Image Builder now supports the Edge sidebar (in creative mode), allowing users to generate custom images while browsing.
  • The sidebar now loads faster and no longer shows a blank screen on startup.
  • Resolved conversation restarts, which would occur when Edge was left running for long periods of time.
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With expanded chat turns, integrated image and video search, improved local search, and a smoother Edge sidebar experience, Bing Chat is on its way to becoming a must-have for users looking for interactive and engaging ways to access information.

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