The New England coach continues to compliment his opponents.

Two crossed destinies and a confrontation that will count for the race for the playoffs. This week the Titans will face the Patriots, and the current momentum at both clubs will feature two upward trajectories. Tennesee remains at the top of the AFC rankings, but has just recorded a bitter loss to Houston after five consecutive wins. While New England is riding a five-game winning streak and settles for January. The result of the match will therefore have a definite impact on the end-of-year rankings.

If the Titans have bowed in front of the Texans, it is because of the five losses of ball that the team conceded. But Bill Belichick doesn’t think such a mishap could happen again, and he’s not counting on it for the upcoming game. On Monday, the New England coach called the Titans a “typical Mike Vrabel” squad, saying she is unlikely to let go two weeks in a row.

“They lost the ball to the Texans, that’s something you can’t count on,” Belichick said according to “It’s not their habit. It’s a tough, physical team. The rears are running hard. They have a very experienced line… They are tough guys. They are physical. We have to go beat them. They make few mistakes. They know what they are doing. They are good. It’s a good team, with fundamentals. They tackle well. Runners and receivers run hard with the ball. The quarterback is athletic. Good in the kicking game. We are going to have to play a good football game in all three phases. ”

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