Barely arrived in Los Angeles, Nabilla must already think about the operation she is going to undergo. She explained to her fans: “I have to have an operation. After Milann’s delivery, I had my rush of milk, a very heavy one. My chest was huge. And this surge of milk caused a problem in one of my prostheses. She’s a little damaged, defective, so I have to go to the US pretty quickly to change my dentures, because it can be dangerous if I leave her like that. “

But the young mother was very scared this weekend when her son Milann had to be examined by a doctor. On her Snapchat account, the 28-year-old told her fans: “ His ear was hurting, he had been touching his ear for a while in Dubai, then we weren’t necessarily worried “, She first explained to her community before adding:” A few days ago he was touching his ear and he was crying a lot than usual while our son complains very rarely, he is really a very happy child. We decided to call the doctor yesterday. »

And it turns out that the doctor almost caught the eye of Thomas’ sweetheart: “ Too stylish, blond, with a wick back … He came, he examined our son and it turns out that he has, not an ear infection, but an infection in one of the ears, the one he was touching all over. time. “Finally, the situation is sorted out, phew!

The young parents were still very scared. The Instagram star finally adds: “ There he is sleeping, we put him on medication, it is a great night. The doctor told us that in two days it would be better. But I swear to you that yesterday even Thomas had tears in his eyes because our son was so sad, he was crying, we didn’t know what to do. We were panicked, we knew he had something but we didn’t know what. »

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