For over 10 years a drug ring has smuggled cocaine from the Dominican Republic into Europe. Also to Austria, where there have now been arrests.

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Once again a drug ring was being explored. The drug ring consisted of many people who organized and carried out the smuggling and sale of the drug cocaine. The cocaine was smuggled from the Dominican Republic to European countries and the USA. In Europe, for example, it was Austria, Spain and Italy. The Dominican Republic is an island country in the Caribbean. Cocaine is a dangerous drug. It is illegal to ingest, buy, and sell.

Arrests in Austria

Austrian investigators have arrested some suspected members of the drug ring in Austria. You should be responsible for drug sales in Austria. People who bought the drug were also researched. A total of 8 people are in pre-trial detention in Austria. Pre-trial detention is a temporary detention in which it is checked whether the accused is rightly charged.

Drugs found at the airport

The cocaine was packaged in the Dominican Republic and then sent to different countries. For example also to Austria. In 2019, for example, a person was arrested at Vienna Airport with 1.4 kilograms of cocaine. The person had entered from the Dominican Republic. This year in March 2021 a package was found at the airport in Leipzig. The package contained cocaine wrapped in key fobs. The recipient of the package was a man from Linz.

Drug ring active for 10 years

The drug ring was well organized and is said to have been active for almost 10 years. For example, the money from drug sales was transferred to accounts in the Dominican Republic. Around 200 kilograms of cocaine worth 16 million euros are said to have been smuggled.

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