Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, pillars of the first Logistics incubator in Spain

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, pillars of the first Logistics incubator in Spain

under the salón ‘4 Years From Now’ (4YFN) which is celebrated in Barcelonahe Barcelona Free Zone Consortium (CZFB) has submitted the top 18′startups‘ which will be part of the ‘Logistics 4.0 Incubator’the first incubator of spain Dedicated to Logistics 4.0. It is a project led by the CZFB with the support of the Incyde Foundation and the Funds Feder.

With this business incubation program we want to promote the most innovative initiatives and interesting in the application of new technologies of the Industry 4.0such as additive manufacturing, robotics y automationhe internet of things (IoT), the Big Dataphotonics, ERP and Artificial intelligence, in the value chain of the logistics sector. According to the director of the CZFB, Blanca Sorigué, with this project, the CZFB “consolidates itself as one of the main engines of the new european digital economy”.

The 18 selected ‘startups’ will have a budget between 10,000 and 30,000 euros and a single space, at the CZFB headquarters, with state-of-the-art equipment (3D printing, robotics, sensor design, hardware parameter control, cryptographic security, etc.) to carry out your project of technological innovation and implementation. The objective of the platform is to host the 25 most attractive ‘startups’ with the greatest potential in the logistics sector throughout the year.

The incubated companies will also have mentoring, counseling and training in aspects such as definition of strategies of collaborative IP, Business modelsassessment of the most appropriate technologies to implement the project and financingamong others.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Regarding Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in relation to Logistics 4.0, Ecodeliver uses Artificial Intelligence to develop a system that estimates the number of people who can take a route to assess the ability to send shared parcel, according to which the route of an individual with free space in his vehicle is used for the transport of goods. For its part, Artificial Intelligence serves Enkitek for the automation of cultivation processes and keep track of the plants in vertical gardens.

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The company Illumo Robotics you need to improve your software para robots responsible for preparing orders in logistics warehouses, through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence to detect unknown objects, optimize the speed of transfer of products and react to unforeseen changes. In this line, Bleecker y Usyncro looking for a hardware custom to read system codes and execute decoding algorithms to identify and Follow up of the goods.

At the end of the process, the company Estoko interconnects companies who need flexible spaces storage or last-mile distribution with others that have excess unused storage capacity. The idea is optimize the opening of warehousesnew locations and take advantage of new existing spaces, improving stock control and planning through Artificial Intelligence.

In the area of ​​the additive manufacturinghighlights the 3d printused by Aldora Techan air transport service with drones and Smart Point, manufacture of smart lockers for collection points.

Big Data y ‘networking’

With respect to Big Datastand out Last Milein Madrid, and Mouters, in Barcelona. In the first case, Big Data is used for the optimization of loads and routes. In the case of Mouters, they need, through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to develop a computer system that allows them to analyze a large volume of data and optimize solutions for sustainable mobility for businesses.

Lastly, regarding thenetworking‘, mentoring, support and trainingthe Madrid company Beating has the challenge of adding to its platform of logistics solutions and integrations a part of warehouse control and management. Likewise, Barcelona companies Jotavirtual y Cofelvring seek to take advantage of advisory services that offers them Logistics 4.0 Incubator to enjoy the different services it offers.

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