The start of the new edition of the Big Brother Vip, the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini: the first episode is scheduled for Monday 13 September.

As every year, the fees that the artists will receive for participation and stay in the house are revealed, depending on the dynamics and will of the public from home, who, as always, will express their preferences through televoting.

This year the rumors about the competitors’ contracts arrived even before the departure of the reality show and the figures were revealed in these hours by the economy and finance portal I love trading: if last year the highest paid was Elisabetta Gregoraci with her 20,000 euros for each week of stay, this year the highest paid VIPs, according to the rumors reported by the site, should be the opera singer Katia Ricciarelli and the showgirl Raffaella Fico, with a fee of 15,000 euros per week until the day of elimination.

The figure is halved for other VIPs, depending on the degree of popularity: 7,000 euros per Miriana Trevisan and Carmen Russo, while it drops to 5,000 per Gianmaria Antinolfi, entrepreneur and former flirt of Belén Rodríguez, e Tommaso Eletti, protagonist of the latest edition of Temptation Island.
In an interview with the weekly Chi, the director Alfonso Signorini also revealed the 22 competitors of this edition will not participate for an economic question, but for the desire to tell and get involved, while also revealing a very high request made by a vip discarded at auditions.

“They all came willingly and not for money, because there are no cachets of the past, despite what Raz Degan asked, there are also those who asked for 800 thousand euros. But I repeat, I prefer competitors who do it because they feel they want to to have this kind of experience, not for the money. ”

Photo: LaPresse

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