Biden will announce measures to restrict the sale of arms in the United States

Biden will announce measures to restrict the sale of arms in the United States

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The American President, Joe Bidenwill announce this Tuesday new actions with which it hopes to toughen access to firearms in the country, and will do so in one of the communities recently affected by a mass shooting.

Biden will visit the city of Monterey Park (California), where a shooting killed 11 people last January, to extend his condolences to the community.

There he plans to give a speech on the control of firearms and will explain the measures he wants to promote.

Among them is tasking the United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, with adjusting the current legal definition of companies that sell guns to more closely comply with the law that requires them to check the criminal records of all potential buyers. .

“This measure means that fewer guns will be sold without a criminal record check, and therefore fewer will end up in the hands of criminals and abusers,” said a White House official who anticipated the actions in a media call.

In turn, he will announce that the government is going to launch information campaigns on the so-called “Red Flag” laws, which allow the activation of a legal procedure to confiscate firearms from those who represent a danger to third parties. or for themselves.

“19 states and the District of Colombia have passed laws of this type (…) but they are not effective if the public does not know when and how to use them,” added the official.

Regarding manufacturers, Biden will ask the Federal Trade Commission to prepare a report on how these companies promote the use of firearms among minors, the White House said.

In June it will be one year since Congress approved a limited but historic legislative agreement for the control of firearms.

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The bill included a review of the purchasing process for those under 21 and included incentives for states that pass so-called “danger alert” laws.

However, this type of restriction has been met with opposition from some members of the Republican party, who have argued that it violates constitutional rights.

On January 21, a man killed 11 people in the city of Monterey Park, 15 kilometers from Los Angeles, and committed suicide shortly after when he was cornered by the police.

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