Terror flows on the backs of radical chic from all over the world. Various facets of this terror flow, on the one hand the terror of having elected a useless man, who has systematically broke every promise made during the elections, which freezes the back of the Dems and sympathizers of the world mainstream, but at the same time there is also the terror of having elected the best election testimonial for Trump’s return. Indeed Joe Biden he has been president for 5 whole months, a good time to take exams and understand the meaning of an administration.

Mainstream protected in his utter incompetence the President has held several forums without contradiction in his second home on CNN, where, as Joe Biden sadly does, he has put his foot in his mouth several times. This American saying (typical of the political news) means be wrong on your own. The feet that Biden had to swallow are many and some cases emerge immediately: the affirmation, repeatedly reiterated by Sleepy Joe that the nation “did not have” the coronavirus vaccine when he took office followed by his unfortunate claim that people in black and Hispanic communities don’t know how to use the Internet to find out where to get vaccinated.

Not only are both of these claims extraordinarily false, but they are equally ridiculous. Biden not only received his vaccine a month before taking office, but he also used it to get propaganda covered in national news. His statement about black and Hispanic Americans is not only extraordinarily patronizing, suggesting that we need an education campaign because they can’t use the internet, but it is also extraordinarily racist and false.

In fact, Biden caused a complete suit in a few months disconnect between the Dems and the black and Hispanic communities organized, see precisely the continuous defections from the Antifa and BLM movements in open protest against its non-politics. This is symptomatic of a big problem in Joe’s presidency over the past few months. He is lying and misrepresenting his agenda as President of the United States.

In December, Biden has promised to deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine in its first 100 days. That’s 1 million doses a day, which is it it was already happening during the final days of the Trump administration. In short, Biden’s promise was to continue the work that President Trump had already begun. A non-political one! Not only that, but his rhetoric about vaccine production and distribution now mirrors the same rhetoric that Biden criticized during the Trump administration: the timing for the vaccine, Sleepy said, was too fast, untested and risky. Biden’s statement in his CNN speech about the inability of black and Hispanic Americans to go online and figure out how to get the vaccine also raises some serious questions about his alleged. commitment to fairness and racial equality.

Can a man who thinks racial minorities are so stupid they can’t use Google really fight for racial justice? Can a man who said you can’t get into a gas station without having a slight Indian accent be the face of the push for equality? Can a man who said that Barack Obama was the first clean, cultured black man to run for office be truly sincere support a Black Lives Matter?

Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he simply spoke ill, as usual, we must first ask ourselves “what the hell did he really mean? Can someone who makes comments so horrible and disjointed and so frequently, really be the face of the movement. of phantom cultural revolution in the USA? We keep in mind that not long ago his own Vice President (the disappeared Harris) reminded him on the stage of the primary election debate that he used to praise two segregationists in the United States Senate.

Finally, Biden broke one of the key promises he did to the American people during the campaign: he said he would never be a radical. With so many members of the Democratic Administration embracing radicalism, like the current one Vice President Kamala Harris embracing the abolition of private insurance, Beto O’Rourke proposing the confiscation of weapons and the entire campaign of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party base and the independents looked to Biden to return the nation to a sense of normalcy, and Biden’s response was “I am the solution,” but sadly that’s not true.

Biden, in fact, immediately started breaking that promise, canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline and killing thousands of jobs, canceling the immigration collaboration policy with Mexico City (kicking off the reopening of the border camps as documented several times by the free press) and promising to codify the Roe vs. Wade (concerning the very thorny subject of Abortion) in law despite the fact that he was a “very devoted” Catholic.

A clump of opinions and opinions designed to collect electoral consent and then immediately broken, betrayed and distorted. This is Biden! Almost a blasphemy, that of the Catholic Biden, for Roe vs. Wade built on the sick search for consent. Added to this is his support for a minimum wage of $ 15, which legitimately worries small and medium-sized enterprises, and still its push for the so-called Equality Act, which would force the progressive view of sex on workers, medical professionals, parents and children. The opposite of what he said during the election campaign.

Do not misunderstand me, Biden rules as a radical. Biden campaigned on several issues during his rise: he would change the trajectory of the pandemic, fight for racial equality and rule as a moderate. It has instead continued Trump’s course, (which was evidently right and sacrosanct) adding only the power grab with the normal economic benefit consequences for the Dems using his sloppy language towards American minorities, governing in the exact opposite way to what he had babbled about in the election campaign . Joe Biden Presiente’s nearly six-month period was little more than a betrayal of his rhetoric and election promises.

One of the positives is that it was forced to betray even his social network friends, those big-techs who put him in the WH and who will now have to pay at least 15% in taxes. Personally, I believe it is right that they pay, after all it was a project that even the Trump Administration had on its agenda in the second term, but what the mainstream sells and sells out like the maneuver of a great President capable of influencing the G20, it is nothing more than a new attempt to legitimize its non-existent action politically speaking, with a paternalistic and very unlucky consensus gathered by the poor who envy Jeff Besos, and Bill Gates and who want to beat those FB and Twitter Martians.

Biden cheated, too. Do you think they will stay good, cuckolded and beaten up? Now the situation is that in the 5th month Biden has lower polls than the last 20 presidents, but the most striking thing is that to the question that is asked to the American people, asking what they think of Biden and his administration, the most frequent answer is boh … I don’t know!

They ignore him now, between a mixture of disgust and respect for the elderly! The old man of the Palace is opening the doors to a tragic event for the Dems, already in the mid term, that is the end of hegemony on Capitol Hill, obtained with propaganda methods, riding on Trump’s errors at the end of the mandate (which there are were and are now clear). Trump, thanks to Biden and his thirst for revenge, is stronger than ever, compacted the GOPs, killed the hawks and retired the fainthearted. We see that Trump is back, and the sign is that they are agitated again and pseudo threats handled by the General Attorney of New York, the beautiful Letitia Ann “Tish” James, who, however, overwhelmed and very careful to ambush Cuomo’s sexual messes, is to play in a very soft and not very incisive way.

Radical chic, they have a fucking fear and they do well, they are learning that power without content is like an empty box. As soon as you load it with some weight, it collapses and squeezes. But there is a really good thing about the Biden administration. We only have 43 months (if it ever comes to an end) then we’ll forget it. Paltrinieri RF