Beyoncé dazzles in iconic Prada shoes designed exclusively for her 'Renaissance' tour

Beyoncé dazzles in iconic Prada shoes designed exclusively for her 'Renaissance' tour


The artist has turned heads with her bold wardrobe on the Renaissance tour, highlighting a pair of Prada sandals that have been the subject of industry interest since 2012.

On this tour, Beyoncé is assisted by three prominent stylists: Shiona Turini, KJ Moody, and Julia Sarr-Jamois. Of course, her collaboration with renowned fashion houses such as Gucci, Loewe, Fendi, Balmain, Ferragamo, Off-White, Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren has allowed her to wear exclusive designs in each of her appearances on stage. One of her most recent additions to her impressive wardrobe comes from the prestigious brand Prada.

In addition, Beyoncé, who turns 42 today, September 4, has shared on Instagram her desire to celebrate with her fans by wearing spectacular silver outfits in the next show of the tour, during Virgo season. This return to the stage is a true fashion show that has kept fans excited.

A tour in style

On Beyonce’s tours, staging and set design are important factors in creating the desired effect among her fans. The diva does not skimp and does her best to create an unforgettable show. In this return to the Queen B stage, the latest detail that has captured the attention of all industry specialists is a collaboration with Prada.

During her concert in Santa Clara, California, Beyoncé made an impact with her choice with a fabulous sequined bodysuit and Flame sandals, both from Prada. Both designs are a version customized especially for her. The black bodysuit covered with silver sequins and the black platform shoes also covered in sequins.

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The Flame model

This iconic model of Prada sandals was seen for the first time in the spring-summer 2012 show. This year the designer mixed flowers, cars and flames and created an iconic collection that is still remembered today. In addition, the motif of the flames remains as an emblem of the Milanese brand. A few months after its creation, Miuccia Prada was the star of the MEt Gala and of course there was no shortage of flames.

Once the collection was finished, these shoes have become a collector’s item. the sandals were reissued by the firm again in 2018 and conquered all the influencers and celebrities. Numerous well-known faces such as Kendall Jenner, Úrsula Corberó, Kylie Minogue or Katy Perry have worn them in different versions and even on several occasions.

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