Beware of banknotes with this sign: that’s what it means

Banknotes represent a diversity that is now somewhat forgotten in our parts: all the paper money copies since 2002 have in fact changed their appearance with the arrival ofeuro. The community currency has in fact substantially influenced the very concept of banknote by normalizing the appearance of all “denominations, which are identical for all user countries (except for the first letter of the serial, which identifies precisely the country from).

“Community pieces”

Compared to coins, therefore, there is much less diversity but it does not mean that the European paper money samples are not interesting: it is in fact possible to find in your hands a ticket of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 euros significantly rarer than others following the type of serial number. If it has peculiarities such as, for example, figures that are all the same (eg. S222222222) o consecutive (it is S1234567) are considered extremely rare but even a specimen with few types of figures can be worth up to 3 times the face value of a “piece”, provided that the latter is in excellent or excellent storage conditions

Beware of banknotes with this sign: that’s what it means

Even more interesting, although much rarer, the Specimen banknotes represented by a very limited series of copies that bear this writing on both sides. It is a series not intended for circulation but rather to become the property of important personalities such as the governor of the European Central Bank himself.

The value is quite high and also depends on the banknote format: the 5 and 10 euros are worth between 750 and 1500 €, the 20 and 50 euros can earn between 1200 and 2000 € while the copies are even more profitable. Specimen from 100, 200 and 500 euros which, if in particularly good conditions, can be worth up to over 2500 euros.

Being so easily distinguishable, it is very rare not to notice the writing that is also reported on the “Facsimile”. The authentic ones, on the other hand, have watermarked paper in all respects.

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