Beware… Excessive intake of vitamin D supplements may lead to these damages

Excessive intake of vitamin D supplements over a long period of time may lead to health problems, as it leads to an increase in calcium in the body, and this condition is called “vitamin D poisoning.” In this report, we learn about the symptoms of vitamin D poisoning, according to the “Daily Express” website. “.

You can’t overdose on vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, but if you choose to take a vitamin D supplement, 10 micrograms a day will be enough for most people, according to the NHS. NHS.

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, both of which are necessary to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity are varied, as it can lead to short-term slurred speech, stumbling and forgetting words.

The Cleveland Clinic said dysarthria can occur when the muscles you use for speech are weak or you have difficulty controlling them.

The signs and symptoms of dysarthria vary, depending on the underlying cause and the type of dysarthria.

Dysarthria can be a sign of a serious condition, so you should see your doctor if you have sudden or unexplained changes in your ability to speak.

However, if you think you have vitamin D toxicity, there are a number of other signs to look out for: nausea, increased thirst, urination, and poor appetite are all signs you may also notice constipation, weakness, and confusion.

“Do not take higher than recommended doses of vitamin D without first discussing it with your doctor; however, your doctor may recommend higher doses of vitamin D if he or she is checking your blood levels and adjusting your dose accordingly,” the Cleveland Clinic said.

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Although the toxicity can be dangerous, the NHS says there are also symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, which can also be harmful.




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