The perfect excuse for BMW to present its proposals for the urban mobility of the future has been the IAA Mobility 2021 that takes place in Munich, where one of its five exposed vehicles is the Motorrad Vision AMBY, a hybrid between a bicycle and a motorcycle, the ideal formula to move around the city.

Looking to a future in which mobility is electric and sustainable, the five concepts that BMW has presented will be pioneers in mixing the versatile and sustainable mobility on two and four wheels.

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

AMBY stands for ‘Adaptive Mobility ‘ in English, so it is to be expected that this motorcycle interprets the idea of ​​the adaptive urban mobility on two wheels being a vehicle of electric propulsion.

The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is visually very similar to a bicycle, but deep down it’s a motorcycle. Its proportions promise robustness and adventure, while its design has nods to a BMW Enduro motorcycle.

Photos: BMW

The lugs are thick, as is the front wheel of 26 inches, on the other hand, the rear wheel of 24 inches, with a more rounded tire, they are synonymous with the fact that this bike can ride through the city and conquer any other terrain.

The integrated seat has a height of 830 mm, a common feature on motorcycles, it also acts as a design element on the upper section of the frame, creating a fresh new look for BMW Motorrad.

The energy storage unit and the power unit form a dark graphic block in the center of the frame. The total weight of the Motorrad Vision AMBY is 65 km, much lighter than other motorcycles, ensuring excellent maneuverability and agility.

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY
Photos: BMW

The coating material used in the vehicle is known as ‘floating gray polymeters’, It is composed of recycled plastic And it can be reintroduced into the materials cycle at the end of the motorcycle’s life cycle or have a second life with a new form and function.

More technology and innovation in its design

The app the BMW may used as a key, and at the same time, be used with the usual identification functions such as Face ID. The smartphone is charged by induction in the magnetic holder located in the lower field of vision of the pilot, these options will allow offers basic functions anti-theft device and the free programming immobilizer.

On the power, the propulsion reaches up to 25 km/h on bike lanes, 45 km/h on urban roads and a maximum speed of 60 km/h on multi-lane highways and out of town.

With Motorrad Vision AMBY, BMW wants to lay the foundations for the way in which we will move around the city in the future, more efficiently, faster and above all sustainable.