“Between 3 and 8 percent”: grillino income, the figure that explains the bankruptcy of Conte & Co

“Between 3 and 8 percent”: grillino income, the figure that explains the bankruptcy of Conte & Co

“The offer of work and training activities for the beneficiaries of the Rdc is the sore point”. That the grillino subsidy had been a failure in terms of active labor policies is now well known. Now there are also the Inapp data to confirm it. “Only a share between 3% and 8%, depending on the service, believes that the measure has produced results in terms of job and training activation”, reads the Institute’s research. “When will you lose the money…”. Cruciani, live challenge: the frost is falling | Watch The research, conducted by Inapp on a sample of recipients of the subsidy, reveals that it takes on average more than 4 months for social services and employment centers to take care of them. According to the study, “the main beneficiaries of income support measures (Rei and Rdc) are mainly women (60%), aged 49, alone and/or with children”. Distorted basic income, where panic breaks out over the check The main critical issues, however, concern the taking charge of recipients of subsidies against poverty: on average – as Il Messaggero explains – about 4 and a half months pass between the authorization to obtain the citizen’s income and the taking charge of the beneficiary by the employment centers and municipal social services. Furthermore, only half of the centers – 51.6% – are in a position to summon the beneficiaries of the measure within the 30 days prescribed by law. Going by macro areas, in the North the wait is on average 3 and a half months, while in the South it is close to 5 and a half months. On the other hand, the subsequent phases would be less problematic, ie the stipulation of the agreement, the definition of an agenda of appointments and the verification of the commitments and conditionalities placed on the beneficiaries. So many unemployed in Italy? We welcome migrants: the thrust of Feltri



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