Bethesda releases old The Elder Scrolls games for free on Steam

As a result of the shutdown of its own launcher, Bethesda Softworks has added some old The Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein titles to Steam for free. As of May 11, the game platform from the Microsoft-acquired publisher will no longer be available, but many Bethesda games can simply be purchased and played through Steam, including some old titles not yet published on Steam.

These are the three pretty old classics below that are free to play as of writing; the first two The Elder Scrolls games are the founders of what today is one of the biggest RPG franchises ever. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a little less impactful, but an interesting part in the long-running nonetheless shooter-franchise.

The American publisher for modders has also placed the Skyrim Special Edition: Creation Kit and Fallout 4: Creation Kit on Steam. The developer tools are also free.

Finally, Bethesda Softworks has placed two lesser known and popular parts from the The Elder Scrolls franchise on Steam for 6 euros each. Both games deviated from the established RPG formula of the previous installments to such an extent that they were seen as unsuccessful sequels.

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