Best products to clean your motorcycle that you can buy

Best products to clean your motorcycle that you can buy


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If you want to leave your motorcycle like gold jets, these products are ideal. With these products you will be able to clean and wash your motorcycle optimally.

Updated on March 3, 2023: We have modified and updated the list and added an index to facilitate navigation through the article.

it doesn’t matter custom, trail, nakedof cross or a Vespa: we all like to see how our motorcycle shines and that it shines wherever we go. But in order to enjoy a good road ride on a shiny motorcycle, you first have to clean the bike.

Although it seems that cleaning the motorcycle is a cumbersome moment, nothing is further: in reality it is a very satisfying moment to take care of our little friend, but for this we must use the right products.

Obviously, we cannot use the same product to clean the paint, the brakes, the air filter, the chain or the injectors. For this reason, this article is intended as an overview of the existing solutions to clean even the smallest corner of your motorcycle.

Prepare your two-wheeled friend and get going, because we leave you with the best products to clean your motorcycle that you can buy.

Sport For those who do not want to complicate: WD-40 Specialist Motorbike

WD-40 Specialist Motorbike

If you are one of those who wants to take care of the motorcycle and clean it but who also does not want 200 different products because that will eventually complicate your life and you will end up not cleaning the motorcycle, then this kit is perfect for you: it is made up of an all-purpose cleaner that is suitable for removing mud and oils, and is compatible with surfaces of all types.

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Includes a wax-based spray that provides the shiny appearance and a layer of protection that makes the motorcycle last clean longer, that better resists scratches and dirt, and that also repels water, so that the motorcycle will remain clean and shiny for longer.

Sport Para el motor: Motul E2

Motul E2

Motul E2 It is a dry cleaning product that not only cleans our motorcycle, but also protects it. It serves for both plastics and metal elements. Its composition allows deep cleaning of the most resistant dirt.

Whether it is mosquitoes, dust or dirt, dry without leaving any traces. As easy as applying, leave it on for two minutes and rinse with a cloth or water. And besides, it’s biodegradable. The only recommendation to keep in mind is not to use it in the sun or at high temperatures.

Sport For the brakes: IPONE Brake Cleaner

IPONE Brake Cleaner

IPONE Brake Cleaner is a powerful brake degreaser designed to remove dust and other debris from the braking and clutch system. Thus, it allows reduce squeals and eliminate clicks when braking. This ensures maximum brake performance and extends the life of the discs and pads.

This product effectively removes dust and grease thanks to its very powerful formula and its powerful and precise jet. In addition, it dries quickly without leaving residue. Its multi-position diffuser is very practical thanks to its folding rod, fixed to the spray, which folds and unfolds in a single movement.

Sport For the injectors: Motul Fuel System Clean

Motul Fuel System Clean

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Motul Fuel System Clean is a product designed to be used in all types of gasoline engines with injection or carburettors, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without catalytic converter, using leaded or unleaded gasoline and biofuels. It is a gasoline additive compatible with E10 fuels.

Cleans the injectors, the combustion chamber and the intake valvesn Eliminating dirt and obstructions that appear in the combustion system. Thus, reduces emissions of polluting gases, improves engine performance and protects it, homogenizing the water molecule with the fuel molecule to improve combustion.

Sport For the chain: WD-40 chain cleaner

WD-40 chain cleaner

The formula of WD-40 chain cleaner It has been specially designed to keep your motorcycle’s chain clean of grease and dirt in seconds. This powerful spray removes traces of oil and grease, as well as dust and dirt off the road, leaving the chain mechanism totally clean and ready for lubrication.

Also can be used on swingarm and drivetrain components for a complete cleaning. Remember that cleaning and lubricating the chain regularly will help you maintain performance and prolong its useful life and, with it, your vehicle.

Sport For the rims: Petronas PET7288

Petronas PET7288

It is petronas tire cleaner helps you clean the wheels and get a mirror finish. This is thanks to its innovative Shine gel formula, which produces a foam for better product adherence to vertical surfaces and more efficient cleaning.

This product cleans the residue from the brake pads of the wheels. It serves to clean all types of alloy steel, aluminum and plastic rims. It is suitable even for chrome rims.

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