Best of amateur goals from the weekend of January 21 and 22, 2023

Without further ado, here is the selection concocted by the day that highlights amateur football et the app that captures her most memorable moments :

1/ Poitiers 3CIT vs CMO Bassens (Seniors Regional 1 Female)

On a touch from Bassens in the Poitevin half, a player hands the ball to her sender who passes the leather in one touch to her attacker, who performs a throw-in at the feet of her teammate, who puts a praline in the skylight from 25 meters , who ends up in the back of the net, who makes a supporter laugh, who starts laughing like Marcel Desailly.

2/ La Brède FC vs FC Lons (Seniors Regional 3)

A well recovered ball=a goal action. Even if it happens in the center circle. It must be said that the ball is quickly passed to the Lonsois striker, who, not really attacked in his advance towards the opposing goal, fixes his defender then triggers a lobed shot. The latter comes to stay under the bar. Unstoppable.

3/ Marignane Gignac FC vs Mérignac SA (National Championship U17)

On a corner from Marignane, extended twice with a header by the opposing defenders, a player from the Airmen recovers the ball at the entrance to the area. He is doing a Luka Modric exterior which ends its race in the middle of the skylight, before starting an equally impressive celebration. It is still difficult to determine which of the two gestures is the most successful.

4/ Flize US vs RC Nouzonville (Senior Meeting)

While a player from Nouzonville throws a shin guard on the bench on a magnificent stabilized pitch, the pinnacle of amateurism, one of his teammates sends a nice through aerial pass to an attacker. The latter connects a beautiful volley which lob the opposing goalkeeper, much too advanced. “Is there no offside?“Asks a supporter. Maybe, but at this level, the linesman is also the leader of the team.

5/ Stadium Pessacais UC vs Chambéry RC (Seniors Departmental 4)

If the goal of the Stade Pessacais striker, who connects a sombrero on a central defender, before dribbling the goalkeeper, is not bad, the action of the match takes place in the stands, with if you listen carefully, this superb dialogue of the supporters. “Did you take a hit?“, asks one of them to one of the players, before another adds: “Ah, you’re more solid in the third halves. »

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