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Home Business Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, suddenly dies at 60

Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, suddenly dies at 60

Bernard Tyson, Kaiser Permanente

David A. Grogan | CNBC

The president and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, Bernard Tyson, died suddenly in his sleep Sunday, announced the health giant. Tyson, 60, is one of Canada's leading health care leaders.

He rose through the ranks during a 30-year career at Kaiser to become CEO in 2013. During his tenure, the integrated health and health insurance giant grew from $ 9 million to members, with more than 174,000 employees, to serve more than 12 million members with a workforce of 218,000. Under his leadership, the country's largest nonprofit health system has become one of the leading advocates of the movement to improve the delivery of care and benefits in the United States.

His sudden death spurred memories among other health care leaders.

"Bernie was a good friend and trusted colleague, and I'm really saddened by his passing," said Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS Health, adding, "I'll miss the sharp spirit and good character of Bernie, as well as that its unique ability to bring people from all walks of life around a single goal to improve health care for all Americans. "

"Bernie was a visionary leader passionate about health equity, the quality of care and the service of people in need," said Ceci Connolly, President and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans. "His loss is a loss to all those who strive to improve the quality of care and coverage in the American health care system."

"He really" followed the speech "in his concern to make health care not only a right, but also an affordable and focused on the wide variety of patients," said Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California Affordable Care Act exchange in the state of gold.

Tyson's latest initiative focuses on the social determinants of health, as well as economic and social issues in low-income communities that negatively impact healthy patients. Last spring, Kaiser launched a $ 200 million fund to help solve some of these issues in the Bay Area, half of which would be for affordable housing and homelessness.

"We are here every day and make sure to provide coverage. We have all sorts of financial assistance programs for our members … so our incentives are aligned with the community benefits and the well-being of the entire community, "Tyson told CNBC's Closing Cloche last week. , after an appearance at the At Work Summit of the network in San Francisco.

Tyson has served on the boards of the American Heart Association and, and helped guide the World Economic Forum's global challenge on the future of health.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff called Tyson an inspiring leader by tweeting Sunday: "A light is extinguished in this world … I will always remember him with love in my heart."

Kaiser Permanente did not reveal the cause of Tyson's sudden death. On Saturday, the executive had attended an Afro Tech event in Oakland, Calif., On Twitter to post pictures of the meeting.

Tyson leaves behind his wife Denise Bradley-Tyson and his three sons.

On Sunday, Kaiser Permanente's Board appointed Gregory Adams, Executive Vice President and Group Chair, Acting President and Chief Executive Officer.

"The board has full confidence in Greg Adams' ability to lead Kaiser Permanente through this unexpected transition," said Edward Pei, chairman of Kaiser's board of directors, in a statement.

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