The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will allocate 20 million euros to his former girlfriend Francesca Pascale, almost 50 years younger than him and with whom He made his breakup last March by letting himself be seen with another woman, even younger, local media reported today.

The magnate, who in September he will be 84 years old, He has reached an agreement with who was his girlfriend since 2011 and will assign her 20 million euros, according to the magazine ‘Oggi’.

Also you will pay with another million annually for its “maintenance”, according to the same source.

At the moment, Berlusconi’s team has not commented on it.

In March, the three-time Italian Prime Minister He was seen next to the deputy of his Forza Italia party Marta Fascina, in some photographs published by the magazine of the heart ‘Diva e Donne’.

Break in March

The press department of the conservative formation was quick to regret these “typical gossip” about Berlusconi’s life, but confirmed that with Pascale “there was no longer any relationship or relationship”, something that has been rumored for a long time.

Despite the breakup, a statement said, Berlusconi and his ex-girlfriend “continued to maintain a relationship of affection and true and deep friendship. “

Seeing the photographs of Berlusconi, currently an MEP, leaving a Swiss hotel next to Fascina, 30, and his poodle, he only expressed his appreciation for the politician.

“I will always love my president infinitely. I wish him all the happiness in the world. I hope he finds someone to take care of him like me,” he said.

Two marriages

Berlusconi has been married twice: first to Carla Dall’Oglio between 1965 and 1985, with whom he had two children, Marina and Pier Silvio, and then with the actress Veronica Lario, with whom was the father of Bárbara, Eleonora y Luigi.