Berlin: Organize more diversity (

The Left Party should have been colorful for a long time. But how?

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It’s a question of credibility. As a party, the left naturally also primarily represents the interests of the precarious, marginalized and socially excluded in its program. In doing so, the party naturally positions itself as a representative of the interests of migrants. In daily political business, in parliaments and boards of directors, there are of course some prominent politicians with migration experience, but overall there are far too few, especially in comparison to the social reality in a multicultural metropolis such as Berlin, in the far above one million people has an immigration history.

Nobody in a party like the Berlin Left has any doubts that this has to be changed. The question that is controversial is: how do we change this? Such decisions not only have to be decided by the parties, but of course, too, if we take an obvious example, this newspaper and its departments. It is a truism that a diverse editorial team should have a better journalistic output because they include more perspectives in their work. However, diversity cannot be created overnight. It’s a long process. So it took about five years until, to stay with the example, the nd department of the capital region was finally staffed on a gender-equal basis.

It will take a similarly long time before the number of migrants at the level of functionaries of the Left Party will have increased significantly. The instruments with which such a goal can be achieved should result in an exciting, but also controversial, debate. Because in the end it is also about established structures having to give up power.


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