The incident occurred on 21 June in the Yenidogan Quarter of Yuregir district. Berat Coşan Göl, who went to the irrigation canal with his friends, entered the water to cool off. After a while, Göl got caught in the current and disappeared after shouting to his friends, ‘Save me’. During the search conducted by the diver police sent to the region, Berat’s lifeless body was found 200 meters from the point where he entered the water. After his autopsy at Adana Forensic Medicine Institute, Berat Coşkun Göl was buried in Buruk Cemetery.

It turned out that Berat’s neighbor Coşkun Göl was released into the canal by Anıl Songürer, whose statement was taken as an eyewitness on the day of the incident. It was stated that Songürer, who went to the police station on the evening of June 25, 4 days after the incident, with a guilty conscience, confessed that he had taken Berat to the irrigation canal and that he suffered from remorse for causing his death, and was detained and arrested.


In Songürer’s statement, “Berat used to curse every time he saw me since the day we moved in. On the day of the incident, he plucked and ate the peppers that I planted in the garden of the apartment. I got very angry but did not say anything to him. Meanwhile, I was going to go to the canal to pick mint. Berat also came and we went to the irrigation canal. Berat entered the flowing water without taking off his clothes. He was holding the wall of the irrigation canal with his hands. His whole body was in the water, except for his head and hands. He insulted me for not getting into the water, and I got angry. I went to the place where Berat was holding onto the concrete with his hands and squatted down. I pulled him into his hands and let him leave the wall. Berat struggled on the water for a while. While he was fluttering, he shouted “Brother Anıl, save me”. I panicked. The boy sank into the water by struggling. I was scared and called for help. Later, I joined the search and rescue efforts. I knew that Berat could not swim. I know how to swim, but I have never swam in the canal. I started I confessed because I suffered from guilt. I did not invite Berat to kill him. If he hadn’t been insulted, we would have gone home after swimming and picking mints,” he said.


Painful mother Songül Kılıç stated that she learned about the incident from her downstairs neighbor and said, “Anıl Songürer said, ‘Come, let me take you to the canal. We’ll put your head in cold water,” he said and took Berat to the irrigation canal. I was also suspicious of this situation and filed a complaint. He came home after giving the first statement. Afterwards, he made a conscience and confessed everything by saying that he did not like Berat at the police station. Why did this happen? What did my son do to him? I have neither night nor day for 4 months. I can’t put my head on the pillow. If I knew that it would not be a sin, I would throw myself into the water where my son died,” she said and shed tears.


Explaining that his wife left him and his son two years ago, Kılıç said, “I have been raising my son without a father since he was 7 years old. He was a very smart, very smart boy. It would be the police. He said to me, ‘Mom, I’m going to study so that I don’t make you work. He said, ‘I’m going to be a cop. Without it, neither the hour nor the day passes. I forgot to laugh for 4 months. It burns when I look at someone else’s child,” she said. Stating that his son’s killer was wrapped around his neck at the beginning of the canal, Kılıç said that he wanted Anıl Songürer to be punished and not to leave the prison.

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