Karim Benzema has amazing statistics at the start of the season. In 15 appearances for the club and for the French national team – 12 goals and 8 assists. That is, more than one effective action per game.

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And this is surprising, especially when you remember how Benzema, during a joint game with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, suffered from the cliché of the unforgettable striker.

Well, yes, fighting Ronaldo in performance is crazy, so the Frenchman abandoned the role of prima and created the maximum opportunities for the Portuguese for records. He superbly freed up the center of attack for Cristiano and generated chances for him. That is why their BBC trio (Gareth Bale, Benzema, Cristiano) turned out to be so productive and titled. It’s just that each of them understood his task and did not meddle in his own business. Ronaldo finished the best, Benzema opened the best and performed tactical moves, and Bale adjusted and played out as the episode demanded.

“I admire Benzema. He is the best striker in the la league and one of the best in the world. He deserves it, we are happy for him. He is a team player, criticism of Karim is part of a professional footballer’s career, we must be above that, “Ronaldo told about Benzema’s role in Real Madrid.

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Probably, if not for Bale’s injuries, this trio could generally be considered the best in history, but the Welshman sometimes faked. However, even with the fake Bale, the Air Force brought Real Madrid four victories in the Champions League.

But now Ronaldo left for Juventus, and many thought that now Bale could become the main star, but he did not succeed. Then Eden Hazard tried on this role, but for two years it did not become clear why the Belgian was bought at all.

Meanwhile, Benzema became the main star of Real Madrid. After Ronaldo left, the Frenchman is constantly on fire: season-2018/19 – 30 goals, 11 assists; 2019/20 – 27 goals, 11 assists; 2020/21 – 30 goals, 9 assists. He also regularly delivers masterpieces, as in the semi-final against Chelsea in the spring, where Karim scored with an incredibly difficult shot from the center of the box. True, in the end, his blow did not bring victory. But still.

Now Benzema is definitely in the history of Real Madrid. Firstly, it was brought there by a huge number of cups, medals and game benefits. And secondly, banal statistics. He is the third top scorer of Real Madrid in history, ahead – only the space Ronaldo and the canonical Raul. And before Raoul – only 35 goals, that is, a little more than one season without injuries. It seems that the Frenchman will catch up with the great captain of the creamy ones soon.

But, probably, the most fun episode with Benzema’s participation happened at Euro 2020. You remember that France in the ⅛ final lost to Switzerland with the spider-like Jan Sommer at the gate, but in that match Karim made a masterpiece after a pass by Kilian Mbappe, which eventually led to a goal from the center of the penalty area. Great moment.

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In the “Final Four” of the League of Nations, it was with the goals of Benzema that the comebacks began in the semifinals with Belgium and in the final with Spain. His dribbling strike in the “nine” of the gates of Unai Simon is just space. Beauty. And the prize for the best player in the finals is completely to the point. Now Benzema has a trophy with the French national team. Who knows, maybe in a year there will be another one.

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In general, the story of Benzema is an inspiring saga about how an ugly but patient duckling turned into a beautiful bird. And there is a feeling that his progress is not over yet.

Author: Maxim Nikitin

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