Benoît Paire at his worst and “disgusted” by tennis: he only plays for the money, frank confidences

At 33, Benoît Paire does not shine as much as he would like on the tennis courts. Beaten in the first round at Wimbledon against Quentin Halys, the tennis player spoke with a journalist from La Dépêche du Midi about this defeat. A much darker interview than expected since, as Benoît Paire points out, he is at his worst: “It’s more of a mental state that I’ve had for a while. A dislike of tennis. I see people for thathe said. I felt the need. I discuss with specialists in this field, I make a rejection of this sport.

The ex-companion of Shy’m evokes “anxiety balls” when arriving in the tournaments: “I’m trying to progress, to get rid of this thing, because I liked tennis before, I liked those moments of tension, being on a court, but now I’m really not very good about myself and I try to get better.” What about the origin of this malaise? Benoît Paire claims to be working on it with “shrink and hypnotist“: “I’m not necessarily happy in my life right now. […] It’s a set of things that cause me to have bad feelings in my head when I enter a court. […] Every week, it hits me hard every time. Roland-Garros, it was too much.”

His main motivation for now remains money: “For an exhibition at 60,000 euros, frankly, I come, whatever happens, even if I’m advised not to go.“Benoît Paire therefore takes it upon himself each time to pocket a salary and stay the course, despite all the mental effort that it requires of him:”It disgusts me when I go on the court. Lately, as soon as I set foot on it, I wanted to run away so there was no point in going there. That’s why since Roland-Garros, I really haven’t played much.

As the champion that he is, Benoît Paire does not give up: “I try to work mainly for the future, to try to find just a little bit of pleasure on a short” he continues. “Tennis is the sport I love the most in the world, but it’s the one I hate the most right now” he concluded. Let’s hope for him that the pleasure returns and that in the very near future, Benoît Paire finally brings his cup home.

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