The Benha Criminal Court, the Seventh Circuit, headed by Counselor Yasser Kamal El-Din Yassin, President of the Benha Criminal Court, and the membership of counselors Ihab Farouk Fath Al-Bab, Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Al-Saadani and Nader El-Sakka’s secretariat, decided to deposit a merchant accused of killing his wife in particular, on the grounds that he doubted her behavior and alleging insanity and mental illness, the Diseases Clinic Mental and psychological issues in Abbasiya, and delegate a new five-year committee to replace the committee that issued the two previous reports regarding the accused, who stated that he was of sound mind at the time of the accident.

The Benha Criminal Court assigned the new committee and the Abbassia Mental and Psychiatric Hospital to examine the accused, in light of his treatment papers submitted by his defense before the prosecution and the court; To indicate whether there have been psychological or mental symptoms affecting his integrity of his will at the date of the occurrence of the incident or at a date prior to it, and whether that symptom would affect me in the integrity of his will and his responsibility for committing the incident of killing his wife.

The Benha Criminal Court set the next January 2 session; To retry the accused, the committee must submit its report before the scheduled session, with the accused continuing to be imprisoned.

The case goes back to the arrival of a report to the Qalyubia security services, that the body of “Samira Kh” was found with a gunshot wound inside her house, especially in a real estate. her behavior and suspicion, as she was shot by a 12-gauge cartridge; What resulted in her death and fled on the run.

The suspect was arrested and told about the weapon used in the incident, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution Office, where he tried during the investigations to claim insanity and that he was mentally ill, and the Public Prosecution decided to imprison him for 4 days, while the Public Prosecution office in Benha referred him to the criminal trial, and charged him with premeditated murder of his wife and possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license.

The accused confessed to committing his crime due to his suspicion of his wife’s behavior and that she was in a relationship with a person, which was denied by eyewitnesses, stressing the good conduct and behavior of the wife, and that the accused deliberately killed her because of his financial circumstances and not spending on a house.


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