Benguela registers two thousand cases and five deaths from malaria a day

Due to the malaria outbreak that is plaguing the province of Benguela, health facilities are at an occupancy rate three times their capacity. There is one death in every 400 cases.

According to the provincial director of Health in Benguela, António Manuel Cabinda, the most affected municipality is Lobito, where a mega fumigation campaign is scheduled for this Monday.

Manuel Cabinda said that due to the situation, health units are experiencing flooding, especially in terms of pediatric services, with an occupancy rate three times their capacity.

“The province of Benguela is experiencing an outbreak of malaria and dengue fever, in malaria the province has an average of 2,000 cases a day and has been registering one death in every 400 diagnosed cases”, said the health official in statements to Radio National of Angola.

In turn, the clinical director of the Hospital Municipal de Benguela, Luís Vieira, without referring to what period, lamented the death of 14 patients, including 12 children, up to 14 years old, from malaria.

Luís Vieira also expressed concern about the insufficient number of nurses to respond to the current demand.

“It’s very difficult because of the number of patients you have now, one or two nurses, it’s impossible”, he stressed.

Malaria, an endemic disease in Angola, is the leading cause of death, hospitalization and abstention from work and school in the country.