Benefits of rosemary to rejuvenate the skin, so it can be used

The concept of anti-aging is used to refer to treatments that prevent or combat premature aging. However, the portal Mayo Clinic explains that healthy aging is a lifestyle that can be afforded.

Eating vegetables, fruits, adequate portions, along with physical activities, can promote healthy aging.

In the same way, there are cosmetological products that have as a concept the anti-aging and refer to radiant skin, with elasticity and hydration.

Therefore, there are useful home remedies to prevent or delay the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines that naturally appear over the years.

The benefits of rosemary, a flavoring plant

According to the portal your health, This aromatic plant provides benefits to the skin due to its tonic, antiseptic and healing power.

Its properties are many, among them, it helps to improve the nervous system. It also reduces the effects caused by memory loss. However, the portal is emphatic in pointing out that, although it benefits the nervous system, it should not be used for patients with epilepsy, for example.

Another benefit is aiding digestion, thereby reducing gas production and bloating, he says. In addition, its antioxidant action helps the proper development of the immune system, helping in turn the health of the skin.

It is also one of many medicinal plants that help combat stress and anxiety. Used in aromatherapy, it manages to reduce the effects caused by this disorder. Its action as a decongestant is helpful for the treatment of colds.

Experts highlight the benefits of vitamin C, as it is one of the most used in cosmetic formulas to combat the signs of aging. Photo: Getty images montage WEEK. – Photo: Photo: Getty images montage WEEK.

Rosemary is used in cooking

For its part, the portal bodymind explain what rosemary is used in the kitchen to aromatize oils, change the flavor of salads and in the preparation of different meals.

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He also points out that it works as a digestive tonic that helps the secretion of bile and salivation, he adds. Likewise, he explains that in its external use it helps relieve rheumatic pain and neuralgia.

On the skin, explain bodymind, it is useful in treating conditions that haunt the dermis. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting any use or treatment and check if there is any allergic reaction to the plant.

Melon contains antioxidant and diuretic properties.
Melon contains antioxidant and diuretic properties. – Foto: Getty Images/Tetra images RF

What are the contraindications?

bodymind mentions some contraindications that have the use of this wild plant with aromatic properties. For example:

  • Rosemary can raise blood pressure and is not recommended for patients with hypertension.
  • In some recipes it is used as an essential oil, which is why, according to the health portal, it can be toxic. It also has contraindications in pregnant women, lactating women and other diseases.
  • The portal BetterwithHealth points out that although this plant has multiple properties, it is not a cure and the guidance of a specialist is needed.
  • It is also a hair growth stimulant used as a tonic that can be prepared in the following way, as detailed on the page.

preparation mode

  1. Boil a liter of water with rosemary and lavender leaves.
  2. After a few minutes, let cool and pack the liquid in a bottle.
  3. Subsequently, massage the scalp with the fingertips every day.

How is rosemary used on the skin?

The specialized portal Health180 explains how to make a rosemary toner that helps reduce wrinkles if used for about a month.

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preparation mode

  1. Boil a pot of water along with some rosemary sprigs. Leave over low heat until the water is reduced to half the container.
  2. Then, cool and pass the substance through a sieve.
  3. Later, add vinegar to the mixture and stir.
  4. Pack in a bottle that preferably has a spray bottle.
  5. Store the container in the freezer, to later apply it to expression lines and/or wrinkles.



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