Ben Simmons and the Sixers, an impossible reunion

With his agent Rich Paul, Ben Simmons recently chatted with the Philadelphia Sixers. The first information that filtered from this meeting: the situation has absolutely not changed. The 76ers still have XXL requests for the trade and the Australian, for mental health concerns, cannot play.

Within the Sixers, however, there is hope of reuniting with the 25-year-old talent. Indeed, after the trade deadline, on February 10, the team led by Doc Rivers It is rumored that the Melbourne native has an interest in making a comeback.

Except that obviously, it is not at all about his project! According to information from Bleacher Report journalist Jake Fischer, a Klutch Sports executive has ruled out the possibility of Simmons returning to Philadelphia.

This position of the #1 pick of the 2016 NBA Draft would not come as a surprise. Since the start of his soap opera last summer, he has made his desire to leave the Sixers clear. And “accept” a white season does not seem to bother him to achieve his ends.

Of course, he can also act as a pressure move to force Philadelphia to trade him now. For now, the lying poker game continues between Ben Simmons and the Sixers. And both sides lose…

Tobias Harris traded with Ben Simmons… to prepare for the arrival of James Harden?



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