While art and culture are taking place again under more stringent conditions in some places, the finale of this year’s International Belvedere Singing Competition in the Latvian Jurmala Corona has to be canceled. As it says on Monday in a broadcast, all singers who have qualified will automatically be in the final rounds next year.

“We are very sorry. We have been trying to get a final week through to the end. But the global impact of the pandemic will not make it possible for a closing event and awarding of the winners this year,” explain the organizers Isabella Gabor and Holger Bleck. At first, people still believed that a postponement to autumn would be possible, but now the partners in Jurmala have finally given up.

Qualification rounds postponed

Therefore, the qualification rounds planned for this year were stopped and postponed to the next year. Exceptions are the qualifications on August 21 in Irkutsk (Russia), on September 4 in Varazdin (Croatia), on September 13 in Zurich and on September 23 in Madrid. These auditions already apply to the final rounds in 2021.

The Belvedere competition, founded in 1982, was long located in Vienna and eight years ago after Querelen became a touring tournament that had already taken place in South Africa, Russia or Germany.