Belqis .. “Village” leads the Moroccan trend in “Sabra”

The artist succeeded in winning the hearts of Moroccans through her new song, which she presented in the Moroccan dialect under the supervision of a Moroccan crew.

The most surprising and admirable of the followers, was the departure of the video clip from the ordinary, as it was filmed in a small town with simple decor and local clothes, away from the parade and the accompanying clothes, jewelry, luxurious decorations and great possibilities.

A village girl falls in love

And the director of the “video clip” for the song, Abdul Rafi Al-Abdiwi, expressed his “pride in taking his work with the artist Belqis to the top of the songs that garnered a large number of views,” stressing that the “clip” is the seventh in the world in terms of viewership..

The song tells the true story of a rural young woman who lives in peace in a small town in the Oukaimeden region, two hours from the city of Marrakesh, who cooks bread in a traditional oven, and rides a gentle donkey to fetch drinking water from the nearest spring.

In her small town, the inhabitants know each other, and honor a visitor led to them by fate or a passer-by who has come for some provision.

The life course of the young woman, who plays the role of Belqis, changes when a teacher comes from the city to teach in her remote village.

Although she is illiterate, the young woman holds a pen in her hand and writes for him a letter of two words “Bilqis Thoushetak”, meaning “Bilqis I miss you”, perhaps her words will find an echo with him, but the winds are running in what ships do not desire, the teacher’s sudden departure will make her shed tears of parting and live the bitterness of longing.

Video clip idea

Regarding the idea of ​​the video, Al-Abdiwi said: “The script for the video clip is inspired by a true story, told to me by some of the people I met during my visit to a village in northern Morocco, and it affected me a lot and found that it fits with the words of the new song by Belqis..”

Al-Abdawi (34 years) confirmed that he had previously worked with Belqis about 3 years ago under the title “Come to see”, a video clip that relied on luxurious filming venues and wearing luxurious Moroccan fashion. The work was a great success.

And the director added in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The video clip (Sabra) is completely different from the first work, and it was supposed to be filmed in March 2020, outside Morocco, but the conditions of the pandemic prevented that. And after the successive closures that the world knew, it remained The project is locked on shelves, but communication with Balqis has continued.”

And he added, “The idea of ​​filming a video clip for the song (Sabra) came back with urgency in recent months, so we decided to go beyond the conditions of the pandemic and film the work that remained suspended.

And the idea found in Al-Abdiwi’s mind, points of similarity between the girl’s story and the song “Sabra”, he did not hesitate to choose the surviving actor to play the role of the teacher, and proceeded to prepare an integrated file to implement the filming of the video clip, highlighting the conditions of filming and the lives of women in the Atlas villages, so that the idea would be clear. I have Bilqis.

acting skills

The Moroccan director did not hide his admiration for Belqis’ acting skills, stressing that “her performance was amazing,” and added: “She exceeded my expectations and expectations from her, as the young singer played the role brilliantly and increased it with her own touch.”.

Regarding the filming conditions, Al-Abdiwi said: “The clip may appear spontaneously and simple, but it can be described as easy and abstaining. We were keen to tell a story in a simple way, but with an attempt to pass a load of feelings on it. A crew of 40 people worked on the video, in harsh conditions due to Very cold”.

And he continued, “We were moving in the early hours of the dawn from Marrakesh to this village in Oukaimeden, passing through bumpy turns, which made it difficult for us to transport equipment and photographic supplies, so I am proud of the team that spared no effort in achieving this project.”

“Sabra” from the words of Yunus Adam, and composed by Marwan Aseel. Belqis participated in the video clip events, with Amin Al-Naji, Fatima Al-Zahra Baladi, Sabah Benchoikh and Boubaker Fahmy..



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