Bellator 284 Tournament Results

Legal avoidance of combat

Russian heavyweight, the number one in the Bellator rating Valentin Moldavsky held the first fight after losing in a hard-fought title fight with Ryan Bader. The victory over the undefeated American Steve Mowry can allow him to count on a quick revenge, especially since Bader’s victory cannot be called convincing.

Moldovan actively started the fight from the first seconds. He easily shortened the distance and shocked his opponent with blows, but he overdid it and in one of the attacks he accidentally poked the American in the eye with his finger. He was immediately in no mood for a quick continuation of the fight, and after an invitation to the doctor’s cage, he made it clear that he still couldn’t see well.

All the actions of Mowry, who was harsh against the Russian from the first seconds of the fight, remind of the legal withdrawal from the fight, related to the injury of his compatriot Algemain Sterling. In the first duel with Petr Yan, having already lost the thread of the fight from his hands and received many blows from the Russian, he made a knockout as soon as he heard about the possible disqualification of the opponent from the referee and achieve his goal. Jan recorded a forfeit and was stripped of the title. In the case of Moldavsky, the fight was declared void, and now there will most likely be a rematch between the fighters, but Moldavsky’s road to a new title fight will now be longer.

The representative of the legendary Neiman Gracie clan lost by knockout

In the main event of the evening, the Japanese-American Goichi Yamauchi fought against the representative of the legendary Brazilian tribe Neiman Gracie. The fighter decided to take the harder name of his mother, Carla Gracie, daughter of Robson Gracie, to emphasize that he belongs to a great fighting dynasty, but recently his victories began to alternate with defeats. The duel of two grapplers began with exchanges of jabs. Gracie, whose strong point is traditionally jiu-jitsu, showed that he had mastered the jab well, but, carried away by the attack, he missed the blow and fell. Yamauchi climbed to finish him on the ground, but got stuck in the Brazilian’s tight defense. However, he took the round with more accurate shots.

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In the second round, at the first opportunity, Gracie fell on his back and invited his opponent to fight on the ground, but as a result he only got a few kicks in the fifth point. In the clinch, the Brazilian could not take the fight to the ground and fell on his back again. Gracie landed several good shots from distance at the end of the round, then, feeling confident in the stance, he went forward and ran into a heavy opponent’s upper body. Yamauchi quickly floored him and inflicted a second loss in a row. For the American, this victory was the third in the series.

Former champion breaks losing streak

Former dominant Bellator champion Ilima-Lei MacFarlane faced Bruna Ellen in an attempt to snap two losses in a row, but showed a two kilogram lead at the weigh-in. Nevertheless, the fight took place, and Macfarlane actively pressured her opponent in the fight from the first minutes. In the exchange of blows at a distance, her less distinguished rival did not hesitate at all and executed effective combinations. Only at the end of the first round did McFarlane manage to take the fight to the ground. The second five-minute period was left for Ellen, who shot her opponent in the standing position and did not allow the fight to be forced.

Macfarlane understood that the case could end with a third consecutive defeat and the final funeral of her career, and therefore actively fought in the last round. She did well with transfers to the stalls, but in the middle of the round she almost fell into the guillotine, but Ellen did not have enough strength to finish the choke, and she was forced to let go of the hold. As a result, all three judges gave MacFarlane the victory on points, but her chances of regaining the championship belt do not look convincing.

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