Belinus Solar makes new solar panels blacker than black

The Belgian Belinus Solar offers with its new BE-M8-HJT-UB-GG-390 a solar panel equipped with Ultra Black HJT cells and equipped with Full Black GlasGlas technology. The ultra-black HJT cell arrangement, in combination with the all-black glass lens, should provide a seamless appearance, according to the manufacturer.

The new panel consists of 120 hetero-junction, half-cut monocrystalline cells with a power of 390W and should deliver an efficiency of 21.4% or 214W/m2. The module measures 1,755 × 1,0038 × 30 mm and weighs 23.5 kg.

Belinus Solar promises a 35-year linear power warranty, a 35-year product warranty and a 35-year service warranty. The panels are manufactured in Bloomberg Tier 1 factories and the warranty is reinsured by Lloyd’s of London.

Source: Belinus Solar

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