Belinda points to Christian Nodal: “a boyfriend has never needed to afford luxuries,” he says

Belinda alludes to Christian Nodal: “a boyfriend has never been necessary to enjoy,” she says. Photo: Cuartoscuro

with strong words, Belinda he denied the indications he would have economically exploited of Christian Nodal, according to a famous publication where his girlfriend at the time asked him for money for a dental fix. And it is that, during a live broadcast, the singer I agree with that no boyfriend needed to give luxuries.

In the video they shared on social networks, taken from a live broadcast made by the celebrity, who celebrated her birthday a few days ago, you can listen to Belinda says she can feastwhich they took as a hint to her ex-fiancé, who had given her an expensive engagement ring.

“A boyfriend has never needed to afford luxuries.”


The young woman, who accused gender violence after her breakup with Christian Nodal, stated that the women son workersthus they do not require partners to achieve their goals. goals and objectives in life.

“We are working women and we absolutely do not need anyone to have the life we ​​want, anyone, because we can achieve things on our own; this is what nobody knows and everybody thinks”.


Finally, the singer, who released a hard-hitting song dedicated to Christian Nodal, emphasized that she you don’t have to be in a relationship to give yourself a life of luxuries y mod cons like the ones he has always enjoyed since the beginning of his early career age.

“Without a boyfriend I can do whatever I want.”


Although it is not the first time that the interpreter of “selfish” talking about issues that connect her with the representative of the mariacheño, because a few weeks ago, during a meeting con mediaadvised his fans to choose the partner well with whom they want to share their life.

Also, Belinda He also revealed what he regrets about his media relationship with the interpreter “Probably”who was caught being rude to his lover on several occasions.

and although Belinda was a lot air tight in what his thunder has to do with Nodal, He said that he is not interested in having a partner at the moment as love is “forbidden”.

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