Belinda gives the best news after what she experienced with Nodal.

After a myriad of rumors that surfaced after her breakup with Christian Nodal and the controversies in which she has been involved thanks to the Mexican singer-songwriter, Belinda He made an announcement through his social networks that surprised his fans, after revealing that he will return to his musical facet.

Is Belinda rebuilding her life in Spain? She answered everything for us.

The Spanish singer revealed that this coming Friday, June 17, the song “At 12″, where he collaborated with his compatriot Ana Mena. It should be remembered that both already worked together in the series “welcome to eden”.

Belinda is living in spain after what happened with the interpreter of “bottle after bottle”, where he is filming some chapters of the aforementioned series and in his musical career, since a few days ago his mother uploaded some videos where the singer of “Beautiful betrayal” in a recording studio, although it is unknown if he will release a new single.

As we mentioned earlier, Ana Mena y Beli coincided in the series where the ex of Nodal recorded the musical curtain and played a famous DJ named Africa.

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Belinda exclusively reveals to Ventaneando if she has a boyfriend in Spain.

After breaking up with the Sonoran singer, Belinda He decided to give priority to his work life and gradually absented himself from music, focusing mainly on his acting side; however, the Spanish will return to its origins with the arrival of the theme “At 12”.

Currently, the interpreter of “Light without gravity” She is enjoying her single life and is very focused on her personal projects, so love does not seem to be an option for her at the moment, as she revealed a few weeks ago to windowing.

“Right now boyfriend is not allowed, that subject is prohibited at the moment, but all of the series are my friends. I bring 4 who is my puppy and my faithful companion, who is right here with me, I adore him and I cannot ask for more. Not every time I grab a handsome man by the arm it means there’s something wrong, right now I’m very calm and I want to have friends. I am concentrating on my career, on my work and that is my priority”, he declared to windowing.

Who is Ana Mena?

Ana Mena Rojas was born on February 25, 1997 in Estepona, Malaga, Spain. In 2006 he won the award I see I see in his native Andalusia and in 2020 it shone in the historic Sanremo Festivalwhere other great artists such as Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti. He has participated in various television projects, the most recent being the series “Welcome to Eden.”



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