Christian Nodal and Belinda appear as emperors in his blanket. Photos: Cuartoscuro.

Belinda y Christian Nodal they make him competition to the famous tiger blanket with its blanket. The couple who got engaged last May have their own blanket for cover up the cold, a gift from the mother of the interpreter of “Adiós amor”.

The Christian Nodal’s mother was the one who gave her son and the singer a blanket that bears the image of the lovebirds but in version emperors. The gift is undoubtedly a great encouragement for the Sonora composer who is facing a dispute with a record company for which he had to come out to deny that he had been the target of a veto.

Comper, tiger cover! Christian Nodal and Belinda have their own blanket

Belina and Christian Nodal have their own blanket and they surprised their fans with this outfit that was a gift from Christy Nodal, the mother of the group singer belonging to the new generation of the Mexican regional.

In the blanket design, Belinda and her fiancé appear as emperors.

“Gift for my loves”

Christy Nodal wrote next to the photo with which she showed off the blanket

In a video that circulates on the networks, the couple is heard at the moment they received the blanket in which Belinda says, surprised: “it is incredible.”

The fans of the singers immediately reacted to such a gift and began to ask on social networks where it was possible to buy the much-desired blanket.

Belinda and Christian Nodal have yet to reveal their wedding date, one of the most anticipated in the world of Mexican entertainment.

They were recently caught when they enjoyed some tacos after the singer gave a concert in Mazatlán. In recent days, Nodal made a special confession when speaking of the beginnings of his romance with Belinda; he said when he was near her it gave him stage fright because he considers her a woman who “imposes too much”.

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