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A little over three months after becoming a mom for the first time, Belén French leave it to Food in the care of her grandmother and had a date with her husband Fabian Lencinas. “After three months and ten days, the bride and groom went to the library,” he wrote Belén French at the bottom of a few postcards in which she looks super caramelized with her husband.

But Belén French he couldn’t ignore that this was his first outing without his baby Sunday meals. In this sense, she used her social networks to reveal how she lived that difficult experience for a new mother.

“At first it was re crazy. My chest hurt (I think this is emotional for the takeoff) and then my husband and my mother convinced me. I arrived and I saw him so happy … With the fucking grandmother. I think it’s fundamental who is left with. He has to give you confidence, “he said. Belén French and he made it clear that although it was very difficult, he succeeded and had a great time.

Everything went well!

Shortly after giving birth to your baby Food, Belén French He spoke in Los Angeles de la Mañana and was honest. “I suffered an existential crisis, of anguish because I did not know what I was going to do with such a small baby, I did not even want to go to the door,” he said Belén French about how she experienced the arrival of her son.

In the same way, Belén French He explained that “I was getting a little bit old and I got over it, but the first days weren’t easy.”

Read the full note here Belén Francese was honest a month after giving birth: “After giving birth, I suffered an existential crisis”


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