According to the Polish border guards, a group of around 150 people tried in vain to break through the border barriers from Belarus and enter the EU illegally. The incident took place at night near Dubicze Cerkiewne, the authority tweeted today. “The attack on the Polish border was overseen by the Belarusian security forces.”

Since Poland does not allow journalists into the area, the information cannot be verified.

The European Union has accused the Belarusian ruler, Alexander Lukashenko, of bringing refugees from crisis regions to the EU’s external border in an organized manner in order to put pressure on the West. The people from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan entered Belarus on tourist visas.

Belarus prepares supplies

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda told Sieci magazine that Lukashenko may be targeting Poland “because we are toughly defending the border and the regime in Minsk is interested in showing a physical confrontation with the West”.

In Belarus, people were supplied again in the morning at an emergency shelter in Brusgi on the border with Poland. Pictures from the state agency Belta showed soldiers distributing hot tea, cookies, yogurt and curd cheese. An estimated 2,000 people use the warehouse as a temporary sleeping place.

It is unclear how things will go on with people in the long term. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are currently in Belarus. According to the authorities, around 100 people have already been brought from the border to hospitals, including people with pneumonia. There is great concern about a CoV outbreak in the emergency accommodation.

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