Being John Lennon and living in Argentina

41 years after his death and 46 after his last public performance, John Lennon returns to the cinema, but now in a comedy that recreates a moment that never happened. But these are not archive images of the musician who created “Imagine” and “A day in the life”, but rather his role takes him Javier Paris, the Argentine who takes advantage of his great physical resemblance so that the youths do not forget the English artist.

The film entitled Lennons, directed by Jose Maria Cicala, is located in 1980, the same year that John was murdered outside the New York building where he lived.

“The film has to do with Lennon arriving in Argentina, something that never happened,” says Parisi, 40.

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“I have two characters to recreate: first, Norberto, a Lennon-like dyer who is found by a talent scout and who tries to pass him off as the real John. The comedy starts because this dyer doesn’t know how to sing English, or play the guitar, but they try to transform him so that he can ”.


“Lennons”, a tape that would be ready by the end of the year, is designed to be sold internationally, including Mexico.

“For several years I have dedicated myself 100% to recreating John,” says the Argentine.

For the talk from Buenos Aires, wears a shirt with a star on his chest, similar to the one Lennon shows in the documentary Imagine, released more than three decades ago and which is narrated by the artist himself, occupying the interviews that were carried out in his lifetime.

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“He sent it to me Helen Anderson, John’s friend and designer and who made him the classic leather cap, ”he says proudly.

Henderson and he met in 2019, when the Argentine lived for three months at her home, who was fascinated by the resemblance. There he met friends and family of Lennon. Julian, the eldest son of the ex-Beatle, publicly said he loved him.

“That he said that to something that is not real, it is because he believes he does not see me as someone who believes Lennon, but Javier, someone who worked hard to recreate his father, there is an artistic fact,” he says.

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The Argentine impersonator is recognized even by the Lennon family. Photo: INSTAGRAM.

The beggining

Javier was 17 years old and was playing soccer, when the nearby television showed the video for The Beatles’ “Something”, which showed the group with long hair. “You look a lot like John,” one of his friends told him.

“At that time I had long hair and when I looked in the mirror I saw Javier. But yes, he was right. It’s not that I tried to look like myself, the nose is what my mother, my grandfather has, so many things, “says via Zoom.

The magic, he points out, is that since he was eight years old he was a fan of The Beatles. It all started when on a television program he heard the theme “A hard day’s night” as a curtain and was fascinated.

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As in 1988 there was no internet, I went to libraries to investigate everything there was of the quartet and I hated that at that time there were no children’s clothing with their image.

“I told my mom that I wanted to take English classes to understand what they were saying and about guitar. I always thought John’s guitar was tiny. My friends said that I liked old-fashioned music, in black and white ”, he tells with good humor.

Over the years, that preparation paid off. Until before the pandemic, he performed 16 concerts a month on average and a European tour was about to start that was stopped due to health contingency.

Just in Argentina He had a symphonic concert with Lennon’s songs and which he hopes to resume as soon as the authorities open public activities in his country.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to looking like Lennon? He laughs and assures that they are only positive things that he has experienced, especially in England.

When 50 years of Abbey Road were celebrated in 2019, it was moved to the street where the iconic photo had been taken. He was dressed in white, just like the singer in the picture.

“I stood waiting on the corner and the cars stopped, I crossed like 200 times and people approached me, they gave me the dog as if it were Paul’s photo (Mc Cartney, in Paul is live), suddenly I feel that something they were putting it in their pockets and it was pounds, they thought it was an event and no, I told them that I was enjoying it the same way they were, ”he says.

Lennon at the movies

Several films have touched the life of the musician.

Nowhere boy. Biographical film about the life of Johnn Lennon. Sam Taylor-Johnson directs it.

Chapter 27. Jared Leto plays Mark David Chapman, the singer’s killer.

U.S. VS John Lennon. The documentary that highlighted the activist side of the musician and revealed how uncomfortable he was for the government of Richard Nixon.

How I won the war. Lennon actor, directed by Richard Lester.

46 years have passed since the composer’s last public performance of “A day in the life.”


“I play 2 characters: Norberto, a Lennon-like dyer who is found by a talent scout and who tries to pass him off as the real John.”

“I told my mom that I wanted to take English classes to understand what they were saying (the Beatles songs).” Javier Paris. Lennon impersonator