Beijing Express 2022: heartbreaking elimination, seum land, physiotherapist and treasure… The recap of episode 8 in tweets

In episode 8 of Beijing Express 2022 (Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle), broadcast this Thursday, March 31, 2022 on M6, fans had good and bad surprises. In the program hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg, the Belgian brothers Lucas and Nicolas, the cousins ​​Tarik and Ahmed, the couple Jérémy and Fanny and the grandson Axel and his grandfather Jean-Claude continued the race in the Wadi desert. Rum, Jordan. A setting that has been used for several films, including Star Wars. But, to the great misfortune of viewers, the pair formed by Axel and Jean-Claude was eliminated. Here is our recap in tweets of this new episode!

Axel and Jean-Claude eliminated, the tweeters in PLS

The majority of tweeters who watch Beijing Express 2022 is “depression” currently. The elimination of Axel and Jean-Claude, it does not pass. For them, the grandson and his grandfather was one of the best pairings of all seasons. Suddenly, seeing them get out of the game, many Internet users shed a few tears (even a jar).

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