Before the release: New Death’s Door gameplay trailer released

Devolver Digital released one before the upcoming release Death’s Door Gameplay trailer that may help the undecided with the purchase decision.

What’s the matter?

Death’s Door throws you into a bizarre and curious world where crows are responsible for collecting the souls of the dead. Sickle and time clock can get pretty monotonous in the long run, but it is an honest breadcrumb purchase for a crow. The job comes alive, however, when a soul assigned to the crows is stolen and you have to pursue a desperate thief into a realm so far untouched by death – where creatures thrive well past their expiration date and overflow with greed and power.

In the world behind the doors, you will explore a land full of twisted people and countless secrets, and give new hope to the strange and wonderful characters you meet along the way. You use and improve melee weapons, arrows and magic, while you track down and defeat truly colossal tyrants with their very own stories and motivations.

The new Death’s Door Gameplay Trailer

The game will be released on July 20th for Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One and PC.

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