Before the New Year, the Russians scored a record amount of loans in history: Capital: Economy:

In December, Russian banks issued loans to individuals for 1.38 trillion rubles. This is a record volume for the retail market, according to the analysis of Frank RG, RBC reports.

Compared to November, the indicator increased by 10 percent, and by 16.4 percent year-on-year. In just a year, Russians collected loans from banks for 14.1 trillion rubles (plus 33.5 percent by 2020), which is also a historical maximum. In December, the largest contribution to statistics was made by mortgages (193.4 thousand mortgage agreements for a record 654.5 billion rubles).

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Also, a record before the New Year was set in the field of car loans (76.1 thousand car loans were issued for 101.2 billion rubles). Its average size in December was 28.4 percent higher than a year ago. Experts believe that such growth rates in retail lending will not continue in 2022.

From January 1 of this year, the Central Bank of Russia received the right to introduce quantitative restrictions for credit and microfinance organizations on the issuance of certain types of consumer loans and loans.


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